Check out this latest choreography of Brian Puspos of Mos Wanted Crew! His swagg in dancing is such a one of a kind…

Brian was awarded at WOD Industry Awards last February 2 with these:

          > Male choreographer of the year

          >Entertainers of the year (with Ian Eastwood of MOS)                      



Ipapaayos ko kilay ko soon!:)

Hi!Long time no post to me. Sorry for the not so very good quality of the webcam. I wasn’t also able to turn “Off” the date stamp in the webcam settings(Yay)Sorry for the “makulit” photos of mine!But hey, I’m really a typical “makulit” person.Oh well…

Always Good Vibes :)

P.S I’m not an anti-social person.I just can’t stay in a  relationship(romantic etc…)  with someone else whom I don’t share the same values. The relationship might survive but it will only be short-lived. I knew what my values are, and it defines who I am.But it doesn’t mean that I’m going to hate a person only because of our differences, I know how to respect. I could socialize with different types of people, but in the end, I know who will really stay with me for a  long term relationship. You don’t need to befriend everyone else. Just be polite always! Don’t fool yourself (if you know what I mean) No regrets. 

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Today marks the first day of the month- long celebration of the most awaited festival in the country this February. Come and join us, as we celebrate the 19th year of the Baguio Flower Festival or popularly known as Panagbenga.

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Coldness.Grrr (I’m not a UBian po)

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One of my business-minded friend  "could become a successful entrepreneur" at an early age..I’m proud of her.At 21, she just created an "Event Planning Business”    which is the    ADD LIFE EVENT MANAGEMENT. Last January 15, she invited me to become part of the newbie business of her ,specifically to become one of the event coordinators.I’m flattered.But I told her that I don’t have any experiences on handling a position like that.She then looked me straight into the eyes and pleaded me to just say yes because she said she has 100% confidence in me. OMG. I’m really flattered. Do I really have such marketing skills to fit and deserve a respective position?Oh well I’m a Marketing student after all,but It’s not enough you know. hehe…But still,I said “Ok, I’ll try” at that very moment.She smiled.

We are not that type of people who are fond of making promises.We can’t predict the future, the future of the business.But still, we are going to run it.So GOOD FORTUNE must be ours.  

Please like the page to know more details about the service and the upcoming events. We are not really that sure if the launching would really be on March 29, 2014.Please excuse the over all appearance of the page( Not that organized, sorry!)Our Facebook page is still under "renovation" :)


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This is an old school TV series anime which was aired way back early 2000 here in the Philippines I guessed. I’m not sure. Maybe I must take some memory enhancers .hehe. Anyway, even though, I already watched not only the first series(The picture above was the cover of the first volume) but also the second series and the four featured films, and here I am, watching it all over again, I was never ever got tired of it. I’m in love with this anime so much. It’s so magical.It’s a comedy-fantasy-romantic-action packed anime. And that’s make it a complete package for me. So yeah,I confessed, I’m goin’ to repeat myself ok. I’m currently watching the first series again..and again.Then  the queued one, the second series of course. hehe.Because I just simply love it man, It’s one of my all time favorite anime. 

These were some of the old school anime(no plural for anime ) that I loved the most because I  found each of it as, so very very “complete package” :

1.Fushigi Yûgi ( The mysterious Play)

2.Gundam Wing

3.Dragon Ball (all series)

4.Flame of Recca

5.Ghost Fighter

6.Hunter x Hunter

Who said that children are the only people who can watch Anime and Cartoons too? We, the people who will be forever young at heart (those who are proud only) can too,ah no, have the right, should be the right word. How about you?what old school anime are you into at this present year?Share it to me.

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Cafe Lusso  located at General Luna corner Mabini Street, Baguio City

To all the coffeeholics like me, try this coffee shop!Well it’s my first time here so I guess it’s new, at least for me :)

LIKE their page:

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I want some chocolates! Such a kiddo :)